The Canadian economy: Shortage of Workers in Agriculture

There are many jobs that you can apply here in Canada. They can range from the professional ones to the other types of jobs. Around the world, there are many who go to other countries so they could work as the pay is better than their hometown. This also is for the advantages of other countries who need a workforce. It is not all countries have an ideal economy and so people move where they could have a better job than what they have or no job at all.

Here is an infographic that reflects the agricultural industry of Canada. Canada also has a good agricultural advantage but the problem is the shortage of workers. Even if there is much work to do but if no one is willing to apply then it is a problem. Thatis why if no one is applying for the position with the citizenship of a Canadian then a foreign worker is needed. The advantage of it also is that there is a wide variety of choices.

There are many foreign nationalities that want to work here in Canada because they can receive higher pay and also the condition of the working place is better. It is not the office jobs that foreign workers are after but also this kind of work. There are also other countries who hire workers from different countries as they can give them a cheaper salary or because they are better than the residents in that country in term of quality of work.