Northern Alberta

In the Northern part of Alberta, you could be able to see a world where it is described as one that has made by bears. In this place is where you could see a forest that surely would fit the definition of outdoors. This place would be a place of great adventure that is spread all around that you can just make your own exploration on its every side. In this place is where you could find a great sight and also a rare one.

If you go to the Wood Buffalo National Park then you can see the sky that is very much alive with its northern light. In this place also is where you could find bison all around.

If you like an adventure in the winter then you can be sure to experience driving on an icy road. You can also prefer the snowmobile and have fun. If that does not interest you much then you can try fishing and see how far you can do to catch one fish. There is also skiing and skating that you can enjoy.

If you want to try all the winter activities then your vacation time will quickly come to an end so enjoy every moment.

In the summer days, you get to have long days that nights as the sun will delay its setting and wait until it is near midnight. That is why you can do more and extend your activities and you may also see the sunrise without sleeping yet. It is a great experience.