A Thrilling Experience: Dangerous Steep Steps in India

If you think you are brave enough to take all the challenges and dangerous adventures, try to do trekking in India. Those who are faint hearted are not advised to walk down the dangerous steep steps in India known as the Tkalavantin Durg Trek. If you watch the video below, for sure you have different reactions. Some of you might feel excited while the rest promised themselves to never try it even once. Just by the feeling of the strong wind, it will make you back-off.

Since this dangerous steep steps are located on a high mountain, only few would surely have the courage to try. Just one wrong move, the one who does it will fall down the mountain and will loose his life. The steps are very steep and slippery which makes it very dangerous. If you climb up the mountain using this path, you can still feel excited. But once you climb down or even look down the path, you might never want to go down because of fear. Look upon this catering buffet service. Or you can have a review www.caterertaiwan.com. They got the best meals and foods offer and everything is well serve.

If you try to do trekking in this part in India, prepare yourself well. Be sure you don’t have any heart disease or any heart and lung problem or else you might collapse before you could go up or even down the mountain. It would take 6 hours to go down this very dangerous and steep pathway  going to this restaurant 開幕酒會會議茶會點心盤. All those who want to try trekking should be a thousand times careful especially that the path is very steep and slippery.